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Review: SkinIt Skins For The Mac Mini
Friday March 18, 2005 12:04AM EST

Looking for a good way to give your Apple Mac mini a custom look? Well, SkinIt recently announced a new line of Skins for the Mac mini and may be your answer. The Skins retailing for $19.95 come in hundreds of stock designs. You can even upload your own design for an additional $2.95 and they have sections designated "Premium Designs" and "Sponsor Designs" that are coming soon. SkinIt was kind enough to send us a few samples and here's a brief review. The Skins come on one sheet of 8 x 11 backing in 4 pieces, one top, one front and two sides. The Skins are made out of high quality vinyl and have a really nice glossy finish.

The first step is to clean off your Mac mini with a soft damp cloth and dry it before applying the Skins. We suggest you keep the Skins on the backing until your ready to put each one on. We started with the Top Skin, when applying the top we suggest you use the back edge and corners of the Mac mini to guide you in lining it up. We then applied it going from the back of the case to the front of the case while pulling it up occasionally to straighten it out. Chances are if your straight in the back you'll be good in the front! Some bubbles and imperfections appeared but were easily rubbed out by finger. After applying the top we couldn't fail to notice how nice it fit the case and how the cutout for the Apple logo was centered perfectly. Some people may just want to use Top Skin because it really gives the Mac mini a sweet two-tone look while keeping some of the Mac mini's silver look. Our next step was to apply the Front Skin. We lined up the front cutout for the Mac mini's slot loading CD/DVD drive and used that for our centering guide, then going outwards we smoothed the corners over. The only snag we had with the Front Skin was we had to punch out the pre-cut hole for the power led light. "Make sure you do this before you put it on!"

Next we applied one of the Side Skins and ran into a little problem lining it up with the Front Skin. We suggest you take your time with this step if you want the two Side Skins to meet up with the Front Skin. This way they will look like they are one solid piece without visible seems. Our only real disappointment with the SkinIt Mac mini kit is we feel it might have been better to make the Front and Side Skins one piece. Having only one piece instead of three pieces would've made the installation easier and given the Mac mini a more finished look, however, they may need to piece them like this because the way some custom graphics print out. We kept the best news for last. After applying four different Skins on our Mac mini we can report that none of them left marks or residue behind after taking them off! Overall, we feel like this is a great way to give your Mac mini a custom look and would recommend this product.

  Great way to customize your Mac mini.
  Top Skin fit was perfect.
  Skins have nice glossy finish.
  Quality and thickness of vinyl.
  Leaves no marks or residue on Mac mini.
  Added benefit of protecting case.

  Four piece design.
  No Skin for back of case.
  Hole for front LED power light.

More Pictures:  Click to see what each Mac mini looks like Skinned!

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More Information:
  SkinIt Skins for the Mac mini

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