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 Stands and Mounts

Cinnamon Peripherals CinnaMount mini
The CinnaMount mini, made from high quality anodized aluminum, allows you to mount your Mac mini under your desk, under a shelf or even on a wall. It can be stacked when installed in the horizontal position, allowing you to keep your Mac mini-sized drives and hubs close to your Mac mini. The new design allows free access to the side ports of your hubs. The bottom follows the contours of the Mac mini's bottom vents to allow for maximum airflow. [List price: USD$34.25 (CAD$40.00)]

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Cinnamon Peripherals CinnaRack
The Mac mini is one of the smallest computer desktop ever made, but you can reclaim even more desktop space by mounting your Mac mini under your desk or under a shelf!

The CinnaRack for Mac mini limited edition is designed to allow maximum airflow for the Mac mini. If your computer is hanging in the air, why limit its air intakes to the sides, like on a desk?

The CinnaRack for Mac mini limited edition is made from anodized aluminum to closely match the look of the Mac mini. Includes two adhesive backed felts to protect the Mac mini and four Robertson screws (square and phillips head compatible). [List price: $27.00]

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CompWave MiniHitch
We have seen a few mounts for the Mac mini in our time, but this might be the most clever of them all. The MiniHitch from CompWave allows you to mount a Mac mini on the back of your monitor, by making use of the 100mm or 75mm spacing VESA pattern mounting holes found on the back of many LCD monitors. CompWave also offers the CamHitch, which allows you to mount an Apple iSight on the back of your monitor, by making use of one of the VESA mounting holes as well as the notebook mount that comes with the iSight. [List Price: $49.95]

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H-Squared Mini Shelf
The Mini Shelf is a secure way to mount your Mac mini under just about any horizontal surface such as a shelf, desk, or tabletop. Designed for security, the Mini Shelf securely holds your Mac mini and prevents removal through a security bar that locks the Mac mini in place. The mount can also be stacked with another mount for external peripherals or even the new Airport Extreme base station. Designed for educational institutions, retail displays, or for when securing your Mac mini is a requirement. [List Price: $44.99]

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H-Squared Mini mount
The Mini mount is the original wall-mounting solution for the Mac mini. Utilizing two grips and a solid base, the Mini mount securely holds the Mac mini in virtually any orientation on a vertical surface. Used extensively in home theater and automotive projects, the Mini mount comes pre-drilled for standard surface mounting or mounting to a VESA-compliant device such as a flat-panel monitor. [List Price: $39.99, $54.99 with backlight]

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H-Squared Air Mount
The Air Mount from H-Squared is the ideal solution for mounting your Airport Extreme base station on a wall or ceiling to maximize signal strength and speed. The low-profile, single-piece construction design ensures a secure grip while allowing the wireless signal to travel freely to and from the base station. The Air Mount can be secured to almost any surface and also comes with VESA-compliant mounting holes. [List Price: $37.99, $52.99 with backlight]

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Maccessity Stand By Mi
Towering over the Mac Mini, the Stand By Mi provides a solid protection of 0.1085" thick steel, power-coated in aluminum color to match its host. This stand spreads out 11" wide by 9" deep, creating a sturdy structure, which can support monitors weighing up to 60 lbs. Stand By Mi ergonomically stands 3.3" tall, bringing the display up to the comfortable eye level, allowing the users to sit straight up.

The most important feature, which Stand By Mi is the first Mac mini stand to offer, is 4-port front access USB 2.0 hub. No more feeling your way around the back to hook up that digital camera, card reader, or your iPod. A self-powered USB 2.0 hub is integrated with Stand By Mi in an elegant design. This combination brings the convenience that is long overdue to Mac mini users. [List Price: $44.99]

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Maccessity Hang With Mi
No room on your desk? No problem. Hang With Mi will keep your Mac mini conveniently out of your way. Tucking underneath your desk, Hang With Mi allows maximum airflow that your Mac mini required to perform at optimum level. Like the Stand By Mi, Hang With Mi bracket is also power coated in aluminum color matching Mac mini's look. Hang With Mi also is the first under desk mount that offers a 4-port, self-powered, front access USB 2.0 hub. Yes, you no longer need to reach to the back of your Mac mini to connect your iPod or digital camera! [List Price: $39.99]

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NewerTech NuStand mini
The NuStand Mac mini Mount brings the convenience of your old PC or desktop Mac to your new mini. The mini is specifically built by Apple to meet a demand for a powerful, compact and low cost CPU for those who may already own a display and USB keyboard. There's no need to change your desk set-up if the NuStand Mac mini Mount is in the House! Place your LCD or CRT directly above your Mac mini! This sturdy and simple acrylic stand supports up to 22" CRT displays and up to 30" LCD displays. [List Price: $39.95]

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NewerTech NuShelf mini
The NuShelf mini is designed for mounting the Mac mini under a desk or shelf. This is a great way to protect your Mac mini and save valuable desktop space at the same time. The NuShelf mini is secured to the bottom of your desk or shelf with four screws that are included in the kit. The back is open for easy access to all the Mac mini's ports and power button. The NuShelf mini is made out of clear acrylic and measures 7 3/4 X 7 3/4 X 3 1/4. [List Price: $34.95]

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Plasticsmith mini Grand Stand
The mini Grand Stand gives the mini a protective covering while supporting an LCD or CRT monitor. Available in clear acrylic or steel finished to complement the mini, they are both sleek and attractive as well as functional and space-saving.

For the more contemporary look, the acrylic model offers an elegant enclosure for the mini. It measures 11" wide by 9" deep by 2-1/2" high and is made of 3/8" acrylic with richly polished edges.

The steel model's durable coating is designed to color complement the Mac mini. In addition to housing the mini, it can conceal a power brick , USB hub and excess cords. Measuring 11" wide by 9' deep by 2-3/8" high, it is made of 3/32" powder-coated steel.

Both safely support 60 lbs., have non-skid pads, add protection for the Mac mini. The mini Grand Stand is sold exclusively through the Plasticsmith's online store. [List Price: $39.95]

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Plasticsmith mini Skirt glo
The mini Skirt: glo raises the Mac mini 3/4" on either your choice of a blue or white LED illuminated acrylic base, which plugs into any USB port and has a convenient on-off switch. The illumination of the stand highlights the mini, giving it the attention it deserves. The mini Skirt:glo is sold exclusively through the Plasticsmith's online store. [List Price: $29.95]

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Plasticsmith mini Tower
The mini Tower is a custom made flame-polished acrylic enclosure that turns the mini on its side for a more dramatic presentation. Slots provide full ventilation and DVD access whichever side it is turned on. Designed to be a functional art piece, it gives the mini a unique look and saves space at the same time. List of features include: Securely holds Mac mini vertically of horizontally. Small footprint saves desk space. Protect Mac mini's underbelly. Designed with special slots to help the Mac mini run cool, providing ventilation and CD/DVD access. [List Price: $39.95]

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Pressure Drop zStand
zStand, the first sleek, stylish monitor stand that ingeniously includes a USB 2.0 and FireWire 400 combination hub hidden in the back is designed to perfectly accommodate a Mac mini. Delivering beauty through its stylish "Z" shape but brawn through its dual hardened steel support walls, zStand gracefully elevates monitors weighing up to 50 lbs. to a more ergonomically correct height, easing common neck and shoulder fatigue associated with improper monitor positioning. Hidden from view, however, is a combination hub that offers more expansion ports for the Mac mini than any other hub on the market today. [List Price: $99.99]

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Power Support Mac Mini Filter Stand
Power Support's Mac mini Filter Stand allows users to raise the compact computer off of the workspace surface, where it is exposed to excessive dirt and dust. The Filter Stand is constructed of steel and has a sandblasted silver finish making it exceptionally durable. The streamline design provides additional storage room, which frees up valuable desktop space. This sleek metal stand is coupled with our Filter Base creating an even greater level of protection for the Mac mini.

The Filter Base uses its advance filter to shut out dust from underneath the Mac mini. This not only prevents the collection of dirt but allows for a continuous flow of clean air, as well. The Filter Base tray is produced from a strong resin, created to match the computer. Because it fits the contour of the mini perfectly, the Filter Base seamlessly blends with the original product and does not detract from the simple beauty of the Mac mini. [List Price: $38.00]

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Power Support Mac Mini Bracket
The Power Support Mac mini bracket is designed for mounting the Mac mini under a desk or shelf. The bracket is secured to the bottom of the desk with four screws that are countersunk into the surface. There are 8 adhesive backed pads included in the kit to protect the Mac mini's finish. The bracket is painted silver with its front corners rounded off to match the Mac mini's shape. The Mac mini bracket is only available in Japan. [List Price: $38.00]

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