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 Remote Controls

Apple Remote
The Apple Remote gives you total command of your music, photos, videos and DVDs from anywhere in the room. It combines with Front Row -- a menu-driven, full-screen interface -- to make accessing your Mac mini's digital bounty from any seat in the room as simple as navigating your iPod.

When you click the Apple Remote's Menu button, your desktop fades and Front Row's sleek interface takes its place to give you control over your music in iTunes, your photos in iPhoto, the videos in your Movies folder and whatever DVDs you want to play. Turn up the volume. Shuffle. Skip to the next chapter on your DVD. Play a slideshow, a home movie you made in iMovie, even a movie trailer. Just sit back and enjoy the show. [List Price: $29.00]

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Griffin Technology AirClickUSB
The Griffin Technology AirClickUSB is a remote for Mac and PC computers. The receiver module attaches to any available USB port and receives signal from up to 60 feet away. AirClick USB is ideal for controlling applications including iTunes, QuickTime, and even Keynote or PowerPoint.

AirClick uses RF signals that travel through walls for control anywhere in your home or outside, up to 60 feet away. The five button remote allows for play/pause, next track, previous track, and volume up and down. A hold switch on the side prevents accidentally disturbing your musical nirvana. The remote has a clip on it for convenient attachment. [List Price: $39.95]

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KeySpan Express Remote
When connected directly to a Mac mini, the Express Remote allows you to control audio and video media players on your computer in the same convenient way that you now control a TV or VCR. Use the Express Remote with MP3 players, DVD players, audio CD players, TV tuners, presentation software and more.

The Receiver plugs into the AirPort Express USB port of the Mac mini. The sleek 17 button infrared remote transmits signals up to 40 feet and ncludes key maps for iTunes, MusicMatch, Windows Media Player, WinAMP, QuickTime, PowerPoint and other popular multi-media applications. A simple control panel allows you to program the remote for use with additional applications. [List Price: $59.95]

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Keyspan RF Remote for Front Row
Unlike an infrared remote, the RF Remote for Front Row does not require line of sight. It even works through walls and furniture. This provides more flexibility in controlling the Macintosh that is running Front Row. The RF signal works to 60 ft or more -- about twice the range of an infrared remote.

The remote features a 9 button design that allows you to control Front Row, adjust volume, eject a DVD/CD, put the Mac to sleep and wake it up. [List Price: $39.00]

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