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NewerTech miniStack V2

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 Mac Mini Drive Enclosures

NewerTech miniStack v2
The newly enhanced NewerTech miniStac v2 is engineered to increase drive capacity 80- to 500GB while adding multiple FireWire and USB port options ergonomically divided between rear and side configurations. Although specifically designed to work in conjunction with the Mac mini, the NewerTech miniStack works with any Apple or PC computer with an available FireWire or USB port.

All NewerTech miniStack v2 models feature data buffers of 2- or 8 Megabytes (MB), the latest Oxford911+ chipset and integrated 2-Port FireWire and 3-Port USB 2.0/1.1 powered hubs. Each NewerTech miniStack v2 features a smart power switch so the drive turns on and off with its corresponding mini or PC and intelligent thermal monitoring which automatically engages and varies fan speed according to the temperature. [List Price: $79.99 - $449.99]

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NewerTech miniStack
The sleek miniStack is designed to perfectly complement the size, shape and color of Apple's demure Mac mini. But owners of other Macs or PCs needn't feel left out. NewerTech's miniStack is compatible with any computer with an available FireWire or USB port. Each miniStack features a smart power switch so the drive turns on with your mini; a thermal probe that automatically regulates and varies fan speed according to the temperature; and provides an integrated 2-Port FireWire and 3-Port USB 2.0/1.1 hub for additional devices.

The dimensions of the miniStack are 6.5 inches x 6.5 inches x 1.5 inches. The miniStack line utilizes the latest Oxford911+ chipset in a custom FireWire/USB2 bridge for unrivaled performance and reliability. And, if one miniStack isn't enough, you can add more to your stack for all the storage space and ports desired. [List Price: $75.00 - $449.99]

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AcomData mini Pal
We know you love your Mac mini. But what if you need more? More storage, for instance. Or more connections for your digital devices. What about backing up your precious digital photos, music and other files that you would hate to lose should something go wrong?

Well, now there's mini Pal, the perfect companion to your Mac mini from AcomData. mini Pal provides your Mac mini with more storage capacity, more device connections, and more data protection with PushButton Backup. [List Price: NA]

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ADS Mini Drive Kit
Data-intensive files such as digital video and multi-media projects require a tremendous amount of storage. The Mini Drive Kit is the perfect external storage solution that features USB 2.0 connectivity.

The Mini Drive Kit features an external drive enclosure that enables users to convert an IDE Ultra DMA 33/66 or ATA-100/133 hard disk drive into a USB 2.0 drive simply by plugging into the ADS Native Bridge Board inside the enclosure. At 480Mbits/sec, you will get the maximum data throughput for your external drive. Now featuring an innovative SimpleTouch Back Up button that allows easy backup of any number of folders or files. Program the backup process with Software included inside from Intech. [List Price: $69.00]

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LaCie mini
Back up your computer, upgrade storage capacity or easily transfer files with this stylish, compact and user-friendly drive. Expand your digital life by storing more photos, videos, music, and files with the LaCie mini drive: the ideal companion hard drive for Mac mini. Its unique 4-corner crown fits seamlessly into the underside of the Mac mini to create a stable, symbiotic harmony.

The LaCie mini drive was brilliantly engineered to allow for a natural cooling airflow to move between these two drives for greater heat dissipation. It offers convenient plug & play and ultra-quiet operation. Stack several LaCie mini drives under the Mac mini for additional capacity or use it with any other computer with a FireWire connection. [List Price: $119-$199]

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LaCie mini Hard Drive & Hub
Expand your digital life by storing much more photos, videos, music and files on the LaCie mini Hard Drive & HUB, specially designed to fit perfectly with the Mac mini. Now you can connect all of your hardware peripherals at once - like your iSight, mouse, keyboard, web cam, camera, video recorder, speakers and other USB hard drives. Easily back up your computer or upgrade storage capacity, whether on a Mac mini, or another desktop or laptop computer. This multiple-connection companion is plug & play, cross-platform and ultra-quiet. Its sturdy metal casing provides advanced heat dissipation and its unique four-corner crown is designed to provide cooling airflow between stacked drives to protect against overheating. [List Price: $200-$430]

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Micronet miniMate
So you got your new, stylish computer from Apple, and together with iLife you embark on your new calling as a digital media producer. With USB and FireWire audio and video input and ouput devices, printers and scanners, you may find yourself running out of ports- and running out of space to store all your creations. Enter the miniMate, MicroNet's new external disk drive and port replicator created specifically to complement Apple's new Mac Mini computers.

With available storage up to 400GB, 4 USB 2.0 ports and 3 FireWire ports, the miniMate extends the capabilities of your new Mac to match the most capable workstations, all in a stylish aluminum and plastic enclosure that perfectly complements your computer. Although miniMate was created with Apple's Mac Mini in mind, miniMate will work with most Macs and PCs. [List Price: $169-$559]

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Macpower/Tytech M9 Mac mini Pod
The M9 Mac mini Pod is an external disk drive enclosure, which also has a built in port replicator. It was created specifically to complement the Apple Mac mini and features a specially designed passive cooling system, ideal for multi-media users and quiet working environments.

The M9-DX's list of features include a USB 2.0 High-Speed 3-Port Hub, Firewire 1394a 3-Port Repeater/Hub, a switch for Firewire or USB hard disk modes, smart interactive cooling system with thermal probe automatically regulating fan speed, massive passive heat sink to radiate heat away from hard drive, smart power switch will power up and down the M9 in tandem with your Mac Mini, and a special micro security slot designed to allow the M9 to be anchored to a desk. The M9-LX includes the same features as the M9-DX minus the Firewire ports and connectivity. [List Price: NA]

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Macway miniPartner
As an external FireWire Hard disk drive, a FireWire and USB 2.0 Hub and a backup solution, the minipartner is the best extension to the Mac mini. Build with the same materials, designed as a twin to the Mac mini, the minipartner boost its storage capacity up to 500GB, expands its connectivity thanks to its included 3 FireWire ports and 4 USB 2.0 port Hubs, and backups it at will, just by a push on its backup button powered by Dantz's Retrospect Express software.

The minipartner includes a 7200rpm 3.5" hard disk drive. This full size hard drive is much faster than the built-in 2.5" HD that powers the Mac mini. Its cutting-edge Initio 1530 chipset pushes data as fast as 33MB/s, pushing the Mac mini's FireWire bus to its peek performance. Of course the minipartner is fully bootable, so user can benefit from its stellar performance to run their Mac OS operating system. Boosting Mac mini storage capacity up to a whooping 500GB, the minipartner completely transforms the Mac mini capabilities allowing it to store and access tons of multimedia files like photos, videos and MP3 songs. The minipartner offers the Mac mini first class storage. [List Price: EUR 108,00-EUR 334,00]

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WiebeTech Maxelerate
It's nothing short of revolutionary in design and function, but many users need more from their Mac mini. Maxelerate boasts a disk read and write performance that is 30 percent faster than the drive that comes inside of the Mac mini. And because it's bootable, use it as a startup disk, taking full advantage of FireWire technology.

Maxelerate holds drives up to 500GB. That's up to 12 times the 40GB or 6 times the 80GB internal storage that comes in a Mac mini. It gives you perfect growing room to edit more home movies, take more pictures, and listen to more music. Maxelerate sports daisy-chainable ports: three USB2 ports and three FireWire ports, making it an ideal central station for more hard drives, digital cameras or many other computer peripherals. [List Price: $119.95-$689.95]

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