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Griffin Technology FireWave
With the multitude of 5.1 surround sound speakers for PCs readily available, FireWave gives Mac users the ability to affordably upgrade their sound systems, with spectacular results.

FireWave's small size makes it easy to incorporate into any computer setup, and portable enough to use on laptops. For the ultimate in mobile convenience, FireWave gets its power through its FireWire connection to the computer -- no separate cables or power supplies to tote. And FireWave features an extra FireWire port so you can chain other devices through it.

With 5.1 surround sound, you'll experience music, movies, and games on your desktop like never before. FireWave brings DVDs to life, unleashing their full audio potential. FireWave's Dolby virtual surround sound technology makes any audio source come alive, whether from iTunes, QuickTime, or streaming audio. [List Price: $99.99]

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Griffin Technology iMic
The iMic universal audio adapter is a USB device that adds stereo input and output to your Mac mini. Connect virtually any microphone or sound input device to your Mac mini with a USB port. Yes, iMic supports both Mic level and line level input. It also supports line level output for connecting speakers or an external recording device.

iMic's audio is superior to your computer's built-in soundcard because it uses USB for the audio signal. USB isolates the audio signal from the noisy electronics in your computer, giving you higher-quality sound when you record and higher-quality sound for external speakers. [List Price: $39.99]

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Griffin Technology PowerMate
PowerMate is the coolest volume knob your computer has ever seen, but it's so much more. You can use it to edit home movies or scroll through long documents or create your next audio masterpiece. How can PowerMate be this cool? Because it's an assignable controller that you can program to do anything you want, in any application. Customize it to your needs and go wild!

Made of high-quality machined aluminum, PowerMate feels like a solid volume knob pulled right off the front of a world-class stereo. Its heavy weight and tactile feel are a welcome departure from typical plastic USB peripherals.

PowerMate functions beautifully as a convenient volume knob and mute button for music listening on your Mac mini. But that's just the beginning of PowerMate's possibilities. Edit movies just like the pros with PowerMate functioning as your very own Jog/Shuttle wheel. Spin PowerMate to scroll through footage and push the integrated button to cut out unwanted pieces. Use it in audio production to jump from track to track, adjusting volume levels as you go. PowerMate makes editing anything from home movies to your next demo a breeze. It even comes preset to work with iMovie, FinalCut Pro and GarageBand right out of the box! [List Price: $45.00]

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M-Audio Transit
Small enough to fit in your pocket, Transit brings hi-resolution 24-bit/96kHz recording and playback to any USB-compatible computer. Digital I/O lets you transfer pristine audio between your Mac mini and other devices such as MiniDisc and DAT. The digital output can deliver AC-3 and DTS from your Mac mini to an external decoder such as a surround receiver. And the bus-powered design allows you play and record virtually anywhere your laptop can go. Transit is your ticket to ride.

The M-Audio Transit list of features include a stereo analog/optical digital input (1/8"), stereo line/headphone output (1/8"), TOSlink optical digital output allows AC-3 and DTS pass-through, accommodations for self-powered stereo microphones, and more.

The M-Audio Transit comes with a great software bundle that lets you start making music right away. Many products include a special version of Ableton Live and a selection of our popular ProSessions Sound and Loop Libraries. See package for more details, as software bundles may vary. [List Price: $99.95]

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